About Meeeeeee


I am Trish; child of the 80’s, photographer, mom of 2 boys, critter keeper, smart ass, long term patio cushion tester, Monster junkie, e-card addict, laugh till my nose runs and cross my legs not to pee while I sound like a seal, jeans, flip-flops and Uggs only wearer, iDevice collector, outdoor lover, honor student smarty pants, techno listener, big sister, ADHD shiny object distracted, never have a boring color of nail polish on my fingers or toes, insomniac, easily amused, Candy Crushing master, funny t-shirt collector, same boring haircut since Perm-ageddon of 1989, potty mouthed, never offended, licensed Esthetician, Dodge Charger driving, piss beer drinker, forgetter to eat, outgoing make a fool outta myself with a smile, old people love me, tech support to everyone I know, nosey busy body, emoji and “lol” over user, always wanted to be a Goonie, insect catcher/inspector/releaser/or killer, Google god, allergic to everything, soon to be divorced, ketchup only on my hot dogs, crafty, MacGuyver and Jimmy Neutron inspired solver, has the entire old schools series of Land of The Lost on DVD -and watched again even though it’s crap, YouTube weird place finder, could live on string cheese, ex-barista coffee snob hater of Starbucks, blue tree frog on my foot tattoo wanter, make up my own words and use them religiously- fanf*ckingtastic being a fave, could carry on with this randomness foreverer, type chick.

Soooooo….. Hi ☺️


2 thoughts on “About Meeeeeee

  1. hi trish–as to your photo pic’s, if you want some great bike pictures you should come over to cook’s corner some sat. or sunday, a lot of nice bikes and riders, you don’t live to far from it !!

  2. you have some fanf*ckingtastic cards–read a lot of them, still lmao !!!
    I won’t pee in your pool if you won’t pee in my pacific ocean–lol

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