Cheddar Napalm

Annnnnd I’m back. Didn’t ever intend on going MIA, but life and laziness tend to take over for me!

With that, I have many updates to share, yet am not really in the mood to dive that deep in the pool this evening. Tonight is more a foofy drink in hand, feet dangling in the shallow end, brain fried sunburned, giddy with friends type mood. In which, I feel compelled to share the utter random nonsense/stories/thoughts/rants that run through my head. Why? Because I amuse myself and I declare it as needing to be shared with the world. I am truly a gifted individual in the power of “it would only happen to me” and I swear I don’t make this shit up. lol

Ergo, tonight I shall reminisce and share with you all the story of my culinary awakening/reality check circa 1990-92ish.

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