Cheddar Napalm

Annnnnd I’m back. Didn’t ever intend on going MIA, but life and laziness tend to take over for me!

With that, I have many updates to share, yet am not really in the mood to dive that deep in the pool this evening. Tonight is more a foofy drink in hand, feet dangling in the shallow end, brain fried sunburned, giddy with friends type mood. In which, I feel compelled to share the utter random nonsense/stories/thoughts/rants that run through my head. Why? Because I amuse myself and I declare it as needing to be shared with the world. I am truly a gifted individual in the power of “it would only happen to me” and I swear I don’t make this shit up. lol

Ergo, tonight I shall reminisce and share with you all the story of my culinary awakening/reality check circa 1990-92ish.

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Nostalgia can suck it tonight. Pity-party take 1…

I’m finding myself feeling like I’m in a fog. A bit of a “fog of denial” you could say. Every day I truck on, making it through to the next, trying to stay positive that life has to begin to improve soon. Yet it’s becoming harder and harder to stay positive at times. Tonight being one.

I am extremely nostalgic. I can go through old photos I’ve seen a million times, watch clips of my boys when they were tiny a million times, music, movies, etc. I live for that stuff, or, I used too. Today has been one of those days where I have looked at old pictures, watched old home videos, and it all made me smile until I stopped and reality hit. My life will never be the same. I will never have the relationships with so many people I dearly loved for so many years. It sucks. It makes looking at all these past happy times, that always gave me the good ole warm fuzzies, now filling me with a gut churning sadness.

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The Wasband knows! Dun dun duhhhhhhhhhh!

So tonight I went to my to see the spawn. Just to get some pre-bedtime cuddles because I hadn’t seen them in a couple of days. Nathan, the hater of pants, greeted me at the door in his Tom and Jerry underwear and jumped in to my arms, Tyler in his long sleeve/pants pj’s, wrapped his arms around me, and the furry one came squealing out of the kitchen to dive in on the action too. Immediate happiness all around. Boys were excited to show me how they and their dad decorated inside the house for Christmas today and pointed out each individual decoration to me (which I myself personally spent years collecting.) Made me a bit sad that I don’t get to be there with them and enjoy them all, but also happy to see the boys light up in awe over the Christmas magic.

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Be in fear of killer toiletries.

Yesterday hit a point with the Wasband that left me spending the evening cooling off and collecting my thoughts before I decided to blog (as to not get myself in trouble in our pending divorce litigation.)

Beginning with the spawn had parent-teacher conferences yesterday. Your typical yearly standards. We both attended and all was fine and dandy other than some typical homework/subject woes and lack of organization on the tiny spawns part. We sat at the table, politely and composed, as parents, putting aside our differences for at least two 20 minute session spans. Then we all walked back to the house together (our home is 5 houses from the boys school.)

Then the bickering began.

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Nathan is awesome and hates pants.

Okay can’t let this blog sink in the deep end! Got my floaties on back to the Shallow End!

Tonight’s randomness, I shall introduce you to my youngest son Nathan. Nathan is 7, excuse me 7 & 3/4, likes to hang out in his underwear, or dress himself, ahem ‘uniquely’ to say the least, and is awesome. And not just because he’s mine, but because such a tiny human to act so “matter of fact” with the nonsense he tells you, utterly cracks me up. He’s an epic smart ass and has no idea. His future sarcasm shall be outstanding I can already tell. “He really is mine!” ❤

No, really the kid could probably convince you to buy his old underwear. Which leads to a little story.

When Nathan was in kindergarten, one day after picking him up from school, we walked in the house and I stated my typical post school mantra “hang your back pack up, go wash your hands then you can have a snack AT the TABLE.” It’s a crap shoot if I only have to say that 1-3 times or 50. That day was a 1-3 times day. I pleasantly sat on the couch looking at the papers he had brought home while I heard the toilet flush, sink running, then feet anxiously hurrying towards me.

“Mom.” “Yeah bud?” “You are not going to believe this.” “What Nathan?” “Well I went in to the bathroom and realized I had to pee before I washed my hands and LOOK!…” A single step back and he drops his shorts revealing his Spider-Man size 3 tiny butt tighty whiteys. “What am I looking at buddy?” Then Spider-Man hits the floor to reveal Spongebob tighty whiteys underneath. “Mom, I wore…TWO pairs of underwears (sic) ALL DAY.” spoken while looking at me like I was some idiotic teen and he the father pointing out my naiveness Giggling at this point; “Nathan, why did you wear two pairs of underwear today?” sigh from him“I forgot I had underwear on when I put them on this morning.””You forgot?? How do you forget that?!?” “Well maybe you shouldn’t let me watch tv when I’m getting dressed mom.”

Always mom’s fault somehow. Haha

Another great thing about Nathan; he has a henchman/evil scientist type laugh. It’s hilarious from such a cute little thing, especially when he still had curls. Here is an old clip of it I still have on my phone.

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